Myocardium Zymogram Items

Clinical biochemistry reagents are mainly used in clinical analysis and diagnosis in hospitals, clinics, and laboratories, and are used in conjunction with chemistry analyzers. Myocardium Zymogram Items include LDH, CK-MB, CK, MB, ACE, LDHI, TNI, IMA, etc.


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Biochemistry reagent suitable analyzer
BiobaseBiobase BK seriesShimazuCL7200/7300/8000
HitachiHitichi7080/7100/7170/7180/7600,7060/7150,7200ToshibaToshiba 40/120
AbbottAbbott C1600,C2000,C8000Simens-BayerAdvia 1650/2400
BeckmanLX/DXC/CX series, AU seriesGlamourGlamour 1600/1800/2000/3000
ErbaErba XL600MindrayComplete BS series


Myocardium Zymogram Items
70120Lactic DehydrogenaseR1:64ml×2     R2:16ml×2160mlLDHDGKC Recommendation Method
70121α-Hydroxybutyric Acid Dehydrogenase R1:64ml×2    R2:16ml×2160mlα-HBDHDGKC Recommendation Method
70122Creatine KinaseR1:64ml×2     R2:16ml×2160mlCKIFCC Recommendation Method
70123Creatine Kinase IsozymeR1:64ml×2     R2:16ml×2160mlCK-MBIFCC Recommendation Method
70161MyohemoglobinR1:60ml×2     R2:20ml×2160mlMBImmuno  turbidimetric
70162Angiotensin Converting EnzymeR:60mL×2120mlACEColorimetric Method
70163Lactic Dehydrogenase  Isozyme  IR1:60ml×2     R2:12ml×2144mlLDH1Lactate Substrate Speed Method
70192TroponinIR1:60ml×2      R2:20ml×2160mlTnILatex enhanced immune turbidimetry
70193Ischemia Modified AlbuminR1:40mL×2   R2:20mL×2120mlIMAColorimetric method


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