Auto ELISA Processor BIOBASE4001

Auto ELISA Processor BIOBASE4001 is a fully automatic detection equipment that integrates sample addition, incubation, shaking, washing, and reading. It is widely used in hospital laboratories, disease prevention and control centers, blood centers, and blood banks, animal and plant inspection and quarantine institutions, scientific research institutions, university laboratories and other places.


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1. Adopt the principle of pressure type liquid detection

2. With TIP detection, clot detection function

3. High-precision pipetting, the lowest volume can reach 5ul

4. Position sensing, real-time monitoring of gripper status

5. Multi-spacing and multi-strength adjustable grippers can be adapted to grasp and place microplates and plate covers of different sizes

6. Dual thread control, can run simultaneously with the sampling arm without interfering with each other

Sample& Reagent UnitSample Racks12*16 push-pull sample rack with detection
Sampling Channel4 channels
Liquid Level DetectionAir pressure level detection, clot detection function
TIP1000ul, 5 TIP racks
Pipetting Precision100ul: CV≤0.5%, Accuracy≤2.0%

1000ul: CV≤0.5%,Accuracy≤0.5%

Reagent Position6 Reagent racks, reagent tanks with detection
Washing UnitWasher2 units
Washing Head16-channel (32-pin), double row cleaning, hanging installation, with leakage recovery
Injection UniformityCV < 1.5%
Washing Residual<1μl
Reading UnitReading Channels8 independent photometric channels, mono and dichromatic reading
Linear Range0.000-3.000Abs
Optical Filters4 standard filters (405,450,492,630nm);

Total 10 filters positions

Reading Accuracy≤±0.02Abs from 0.0 to 1.0 OD,

≤±0.03Abs from 1.0 to 2.0 OD

Channel Difference≤0.02Abs
Incubation UnitIncubators12 shaking incubators
Cover Positions2 (12 covers)
Heating methodDry heating with cover
Shaking FunctionHorizontal circular oscillation, 1-3 levels adjustable, amplitude 2.5mm
Temperature RangeRT to 60 °C
Temperature Uniformity0.5℃
Temperature Fluctuation±0.5℃
Data ManagementSoftwareAbove Windows 7 system
LIS SystemBi-direction, support HL7 protocol
ResultsAbsorbance and results reviewable by software
PrinterExternal optional
Built-in ScannerOptional
Other FunctionBiosafety ProtectionOptional (Negative pressure working zone, HEPA filter)
DisinfectionUV lamp
IAP FunctionFirmware can be upgraded online at any time
Working ConditionPower SupplyAC220V±10%,50/60Hz(Standard); 110V±10%,60Hz( Optional)
Size & WeightExternal Size (W*D*H)1775*190*1683mm
Net Weight445kg
Package Size(W*D*H)Machine: 1915*930*1150mm;

Base Stand: 1905*920*995mm

Accessories: 1370*930*530mm

Gross WeightMachine: 364.5 kg; Base stand: 208.5 kg;Accessories: 97kg


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