Vertical Pulse Vacuum Autoclave

Pressure steam sterilizer for medical equipment, hygrometer sterilization and other health materials.


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*  Steam water internal circulation.

* Pulse vacuum exhaust to ensure the effect of steam sterilization.

* Mobile probe detects to ensure the internal temperature of liquid directly, to ensure the sterilization effect of liquid program.

* Efficient vacuum pumping system. The ultimate vacuum can reach more than -90KPa. Low noise, fast pumping speed, good dryness. The sterilization is more thorough.

* LCD screen display shows pressure, temperature, time and error codes and operation curve etc.

* Selectable programs for packed, unpacked, dressings, rubber, liquid, liquid custom, solid custom, sterilization of medium, dissolution of medium, B&D testing and vacuum testing etc.

* Complete process of preheating, replacement, pulse exhaust, heating, sterilizing and drying run automatically.

* 0.22μm Sterilization high efficiency air filter. The filtration efficiency is higher than 99.5%, ensuring that the vacuum-depleted air is sterile air to prevent re-pollution of sterile materials.

* Standard built-in printer for recording the information during the entire sterilization process.


Chamber Size(mm)φ386*490φ386*670
Design Pressure-0.1/0.28MPa
Chamber MaterialS30408
Design Temperature150℃
Vacuum SystemEject vacuum system
Working Temp.105~134℃
Power SupplyAC110/220V±10%, 50/60Hz
Environment Temperature5~40℃
Standard SS Basket1pc1pc
External Size(W*D*H)mm700*610*1070
Package Size(W*D*H)mm820*740*1380
Gross Weight(kg)142145


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