Hand-held UV Disinfection Stick

It can be used for toilets, door handles, toothbrushes, toys, clothing, mobile phones, tableware and any type of textile and plastic surfaces.


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It can destroy the DNA or RNA structure of single-celled microorganisms, such as cells, viruses, etc. Usually, 10-15 seconds of irradiation can achieve the sterilization effect, and will not damage any materials, no chemical residue.


Lamp Tube Size100mm
Lamp Wavelength253.7nm (no ozone)
UV Lamp Service Life8000 h
MaterialShell: ABS; Lamp tube: quartz
Power Supply3V, 2 AAA batteries
External Size(H*W*D)190*26*25mm
Net Weight50g
Package Size(W*D*H)194*32*26mm
Gross Weight60g


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