Table Top Autoclave Class N Series 18L 23L

BKM-K18/23N sterilizer series is an N-level sterilizer. It discharges the cold air in the sterilization chamber by gravity displacement, saturates the internal steam, and reaches the set pressure and temperature. To achieve the purpose of sterilizing the items to be sterilized. Suitable for stomatology, ophthalmology, beauty, operating room and other places. It is suitable for sterilization of glassware, bare metal utensils, and unencapsulated solid instruments.


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1. High-quality material: The sterilization chamber is made of high-quality S30408 stainless steel electropolished.

2. Steam generation method: The main body is heated, no external steam source is required.

3. Operation interface: 3.5-inch capacitive color display screen is used to display pressure, temperature, time, alarm code and other information in real time, which is convenient for users to observe. When the sterilization cycle is over, a buzzer will sound.

4. Sterilization record: Standard USB interface, optional printer, record program data.

5. New storage rack: Increase the utilization space of the sterilization chamber, and the selection space for sterilization load is larger.

6. Control system: controlled by single chip microcomputer, automatic control of heating, sterilization and exhaust, without too much manual operation.

7. One-key start on the operation panel, using mechanical keys, the number of actions ≥ 100,000 times

Safety protection:

Over-temperature automatic protection, heating tube anti-dry protection, safety interlock device, double over-voltage protection, over-current leakage safety protection, door detection protection.

Technical Parameter:

Designed Pressure0.28Mpa
Working Pressure0.23Mpa
Working Temp.121/134℃
Chamber MaterialS30408
Power SupplyAC220±10%,50/60Hz(Standard); 110V,60Hz(Optional)
Chamber Size(φ*L)φ250*350mmφ250*450mm
Standard AccessoriesTray, USB port
Optional AccessoriesPrinter
External Size(W*D*H)650*495*410mm700*495*410mm
Package Size(W*D*H)810*610*590mm
Net Weight(kg)3236
Gross Weight(kg)4750


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