Large Horizontal Pulse Vacuum Autoclave

For sterilization of medical surgical instruments, dressings, fabrics, etc. in medical and pharmaceutical units.


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  1. The main body of the annular stiffener has higher strength and stability, more uniform stress and temperature distribution.
  2. The use of pressure transmitters for pressure control and pneumatic valves for drainage, Intelligent and efficient.
  3. With multiple Interlock function, water-saving and noise reduction devices, intelligent fault alarms, information prompts function.
  4. The touch screen with large memory can store multiple print records.
  5. Siemens control system, stable and reliable.


Capacity1200L (316L optional)
Designed Pressure-0.1/0.3MPa
Max Working Temp.139℃
Working Pressure0.28MPa
Chamber MaterialSUS30408
Power Supply380V,50Hz
Chamber Size(W*D*H)1500*680*1180mm
External Size (W*D*H)1760*1450*2100mm
Packing Size (W*D*H)1910*1600*2250mm
Gross Weight2100kg


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