Hot Air Sterilizer HAS TII Series

Hot air sterilizer is used to sterilize small surgical instrument, glass, petri dishes etc.
This device is suitable for medical and veterinary clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, health care centers, and laboratories.


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* Precision: high precision microcomputer-based LCD temperature controller ensures reliable temperature control in high precision; It also has the functions of alarming against excessive temperature, sensor failure, creepage and the function of timing.

* Efficiency: quick temperature rise, forced air circulation, dry and hot air flowing directly onto objects, drying and sterilization time remarkably shortened.

* Safety: separate alarming system for temperature limit, ensuring automatic suspension in case of excessive temperature, thus ensuring safety of people and instruments.(optional)

* RS-485 portal or USB data transfer port. (optional)

* 25mm diameter test hole(optional).

* Optional circulation, adjustable wind speed and programmable wind speed.

Technical parameters:

Temp. Uniformity±2℃(test point)
Time Range1~9999mins
Power SupplyAC220V±10%, 50/60Hz(Standard)

AC110±10%, 50/60Hz(Optional)

Internal Size(mm)300*300*350350*450*450450*550*550500*600*750
External Size(mm)420*460*660480*610*820580*710*920630*750*1120
Packing Size (mm)520*560*760580*710*920680*810*1020730*850*1220
Net Weight (kg)25425572
Gross Weight (kg)35557090


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