Hot Air Sterilizer BJPX-SH Series

It is used to sterilize items not affected by high temperature, such as glassware, porcelain, gelatin sponge, liquid paraffin, vaseline, ointment, various powders and metal surgical instruments.


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1. The maximum temperature can reach 250 degrees Celsius to maintain the disinfection effect.

2. Precise temperature control design can accurately reach the set disinfecting temperature to ensure that the temperature does not drop.

3. It has an observable perspective window to observe the situation of the disinfected items at any time.

4. Timing system, hands free, more convenient to use.

Technical Parameters

Temp. Control WayPT100
Temp. Control RangeRT+10–250℃
Temp. Fluctuation±3℃
Temp. Uniformity±5℃
Timing Range0-9999min/h
Ambient Temp.5-40℃
Chamber Size(mm)256*263*314356*340*414433*363*470435*457*500604*463*558605*491*658
External Size(mm)583*393*486683*494*586781*482*642781*593*670881*594*730931*644*802
Packing Size(mm)675*522*646775*622*746873*622*801873*722*830973*722*8901023*722*990
Gross Weight(kg)4053657890105


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