High-throughput Nucleic Acid Detection Workstation

High-throughput Nucleic Acid Detection Workstation


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Automatic sealing machine

The automatic sealing machine is a fully automatic equipmentfor sealing PCR plates, deep well plates, microplates, etc. It caneffectively prevent sample loss and cross-contamination, andmeet the diverse needs of laboratories.

Samples In, Results Out

The nucleic acid detection pipeline solution realizes from sample input to

Full automation of results analysis.

Automatic sample loading components

The automatic sample loading component uses the robotic arm to complete the continuous sample loading function of multiple sample containers, which realizes the high-throughput standard of the program, improves efficiency, and has stable continuous operation capabilities. The entire assembly line scheme adopts a closed extraction chamber design, with a unique anti-aerosol cross-contamination device and a UV ultraviolet disinfection system to achieve full-process biological safety protection. Comprehensive security considerations greatly enhance the reliability of this solution.

Technical Parameters

SpeedDaily inspection volume ≥ 6000 tubes
Adding Sample2-1000ul
Temperature Accuracy±0.3℃
Temperature Uniformity±0.3℃
Module Temperature Range4-100℃
Sample Volume10-50ul
Fluorescence Channel4 channels, FM , VIC , ROX , Cy5
Machine FunctionPutting the original tube on the machine + sample splitting + nucleic acid extraction + R C R system construction + amplification detection
Sample Loading MethodFlow loading, single sample volume 96
Consumables AddedFlowing consumables, running without stopping
Liquid Detection SchemePneumatic liquid level detection scheme, intelligent detection of blocked needle
Sample Needle Specifications50μl, 200μl, 1000μl optional, disposable black conductive needle with filter
Sampling Tube AdaptationSuitable for conventional 5mL, 10mL, 20/30mL virus sampling tubes
Protective FunctionPower-on self-test, high temperature alarm, over-temperature protection, needle removal and needle removal protection
Disinfection &Decontamination MethodsUV lamp (cup compartment + extraction compartment + extraction area + sealing compartment + testing compartment), multi-directional disinfection
Touch ScreenFour 10.1-inch capacitive touch screens
External Size6300*750*1900mm


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