Fluorescent Quantitative PCR Detection System

Real- time PCR is used for sensitive, specific detection and quantification of nucleic acid targets. We have developed powerful assay design algorithms, optimized qPCR regent, intuitive data analysis software, and flexible instrumentation to help harness the power of qPCR across a rich and diverse set of applications. Explore our robust solutions for your qPCR-based research.


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♦ Six independent temperature control

♦ Thermal compensation technology of temperature module

♦ No edge effect of temperature and optics have

♦ Maintenance-free long – life continuous spectral excitation source

♦ Synchronous and fast acquisition of low temperature CCD 0.15s in cold state

♦ Relative quantitative high sensitivity 1.5 times effective discrimination

♦ Flexible, open and user-friendly software platform

♦ Open reagent consumable platform


♦ Basic materials research

♦ Pathogen detection

♦ Public health safety surveillance

♦ Meat products adulterated

♦ Transgenic testing

♦ Food safety inspection

♦ Drug development and rational drug use

♦ Precise tumor treatment

♦ Gene expression

♦ Genetic screening

♦ Genotyping

♦ Stem cell research

Temperature control module

On the basis of the six independent temperature control technology, using the enclosed liquid heat transfer efficiency, combined with environmental scanning monitoring regulation auxiliary infrared with heating and intelligent variable frequency system voltage, current, ensures the module heating speed, effectively prevents temperature overshoot no edge effect and the evaporation temperature, not only saves your precious time to amplify the required temperature uniformity and the repeatability of the results achieved perfection, no matter what kind of test mode, application, it can get good data uniformity and repeatability.

Technical parameters:

Product NameFluorescence Quantitative PCR Detection System
Sample Capacity96×0.2ml PCR plate, 12×8-strip tubes, 96*0.2ml single tube
Reaction System6~125μl
Dynamics Range1-1010 copies
Emission LightFull-wavelength maintenance-free halogen tungsten lamp
Detector-20℃ CCD
Detection PathF1F2F3F4F5
Suitable Probe/DyeFAM/SYBR Green/Eva Green/LC Green/FluoresceinVIC/HEX/TET/Cy3/JOE/Alex a555ROX/Cy3.5/Texas RedCy5/LC Red640Cy5.5/LC Red705
Excitation Wavelength380~780nm
Detection Wavelength380~780nm
Fluorescence Detection RepeatabilityCV≤3%
Fluorescence Detection PrecisionCV≤ 5%
Sample Detection RepeatabilityCV≤3%
Fluorescence Detection Linearityr≥0.980
ConfidenceIt can effectively distinguish 5000 and 1000copies with99.8% confidence degree
Module Temp. Range4-100℃(resolution:0.1℃)
Heating Speed5.0℃/s(Max), 3.5℃/ s(Avg)
Cooling Speed5.0℃/s(Max), 3.2℃/ s(Avg)
Temp. Accuracy±0.1℃
Temp. Uniformity≤ ±0.25℃
Number of Temp. Control Areas6


Gradient Temp. Range1-32℃
Hot-Lid Temp. Range104℃, Automatic Hot-lid
Special FunctionAbsolute quantification, Relative Quantification, Genotyping, Amplification efficiency calculation, Melting curve.
Operation SystemWindows 7 64-bit or higher
Power Supply100~240V,50~60Hz
Dimension(L*W*H) mm600*390 *320
Port MethodUSB Port
Packing Size(L*W*H) Mm850*600 *650
Gross Weight51


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