H₂O₂ Nebulizer Sterilizer ZY-G-GY15

It is suitable for biosafety laboratories, infection wards, schools, hospitals, food enterprises, scientific research institutes and other places that require regular disinfection of air and hard surfaces.


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* Efficient broad spectrum sterilization, can kill white staphylococcus, natural bacteria in the air and so on.

* Micron atomized particles form Brownian motion, uniform diffusion.

* Delay start + wireless remote control one-button to start, safe and convenient.

Technical Parameters:

Display4.3 inch touch screen
Concentration Range7.5%(W/W) H₂O₂ disinfectant, 0~188.4mg/m³
Atomized Particle Size1μm on average
Volume of Spray15-18ml/min
Mist Discharge ModeOne-way discharge mist
Working Time60min
Stock Solution Volume1L
Microbial CategoryWhite staphylococcus, natural bacteria in the air
Extinction RateWhite staphylococcus, >99.99%;

Natural bacteria, air extinction rate >90%, wooden countertop extinction log>1

Power SupplyAC220V, 50Hz
Net Weight10.5kg
External Weight(L*W*H)452*256*346mm
Gross Weight13kg
Package Weight(L*W*H)600mm*326mm*386mm


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