Floor Type Plasma Air Sterilizer

It is suitable for general operating room, delivery room, blood ward, burn ward, protective isolation ward, intensive care unit, disinfection supply center, intensive dialysis center, examination room, treatment room, infectious disease consultation.


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1. Human-machine coexistence.
2. The shell is made of metal material, moisture-proof and rust-proof.
3. LCD display real-time displays the humiture in the room, 6 groups of on-off time  can be booked within 24 hours, wind speed can be adjusted in three gears.
4. Manual, timing, automatic, and temporary 4 working modes are available
5. With plasma generator, fan, negative ion module fault alarm, filter maintenance  warning, using 8000V plasma generator, life up to 30000h.
6. The filter is easy to disassemble, built-in high concentration of negative ions  generator. The device has two fans and two plasma generator, with large air volume, large space disinfection capacity.

Technical Parameters:

Sterilize TypePlasma and electrostatic adsorption
Max. Sterilize Volume≤160 m3
Circulating Air Volume≥1600 m3/h
Plasma Generator Life≥8000 h
Plasma Density3.38×1017m-3~1.84×1018m-3
Ozone Leakage≤0.01mg/m³
Negative Ion Density≥5×10PCS/cm3
Power SupplyAC 220V±22V, 50Hz±1Hz
Net Weight40kg
Gross Weight45.5kg
External Size(L*W*H)1340*370*360mm
Package Size(L*W*H)1420*440*430mm


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