Crumple Flex Testing Equipments

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Crumple Flex Testing Equipments

This tester is suitable for testing the flexural damage resistance of rubber or plastic coated fabrics by the crease flexure method, and provides a reference for improving fabrics.
How it works: Sew long strips of coated fabric samples into a cylindrical shape. The coated fabric cylinder is placed and held in place between two discs, one reciprocating about 90ยฐ on its axis to twist the specimen and the other reciprocating along its axis to compress sample. After a certain number of twists and compressions or until the sample is obviously damaged, the flexural failure resistance of the sample is evaluated.
Accessories: sampling plate, throat hoop.
According to the standard:ย BS 3424 P9, ISO 7854-B, GB/T 12586




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