Stereotype drying small prototype

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Stereotype drying small prototype

Tailored drying prototype machine test cloth size 300 ร— 400 (effective size 250 ร— 350), suitable for dyeing and finishing laboratory for drying, setting, resin processing baking, pad dyeing and thermosetting and other small sample stereotypes of the test.
Technical Parameters:
1. Suitable for dyeing and finishing laboratories for drying, stereotypes, resin processing baking, dyeing and baking and heat-fixing and other aspects of the test.
2. Made of high quality stainless steel SUS304 sheet.
3. Test cloth size: 300 ร— 400 (effective size 250 ร— 350).
4. Hot air circulation control, adjustable upper and lower air volume:
A. Digital temperature automatic control system control temperature accuracy of ยฑ 2%
B. Working temperature 20โ„ƒ-250โ„ƒ
C. Electric heating power: 6KW.
5. Insulation control: from 10 seconds – 6 minutes can be preset, the end automatically exit and end ringing.
6. Fan: stainless steel wind wheel, fan motor power 180W.
7. Needle board: Bi-directional pin board cloth two groups.
8. Power: three-phase 380V, 50HZ.
9. Dimensions: Vertical 800 mm (side) ร— 760 mm (front) ร— 1030 mm (high)
Horizontal 1320ใŽœ(Side) ร— 660ใŽœ(Front) ร— 800ใŽœ(High)
10. The weight is about 120ใŽ




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