Biggan Box, Onnorokom Science Box for Funny periscope (Mojar Periscope)

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  • Onnorokom Biggan Bakso (Funny periscope)
  • Science Box for Funny periscope
  • 3 Experiments in 1 Box
  • 5+ Instruments with User Guide
  • This box is ideal for 7 โ€“ 16 Years Children

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Onnorokom Biggyan Baksho (Funny periscope) โ€“ Science Box for Funny periscope

Why does your child need a Funny periscope science box?

  • Can do 3 science experiments related to the periscope.
  • Be able to participate in science fairs by creating new experiments.
  • Will be able to come out of memorization.
  • They are reading these experiments in science books of different classes or will read them in the future.
  • As a result of the pen in hand, you will be able to understand the issues related to periscope very well.


5+ Elements

  1. Motor
  2. Fan
  3. Color disc
  4. Periscope box
  5. There are two mirrors for making a periscope with a box.

The reflection of light, Newtonโ€™s color disc, the basic color theory will make this Minikit easier and more fun for children.


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