Astronomical Telescope F36050 Monocular 60X Zoom

Astronomical Telescope 1 Set

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Astronomical Telescopes Professional Monocular 60X Zoom F36050 Telescopio Astronomic HD Telescope Space Spotting Scope 360/50mm

  • Model: F36050M 
  • Structure: Monocular telescope
  • Main tube Color: Silver
  • Refractive/Focal Length: 360 mm
  • Optical aperture: 50 mm
  • Can set 60 times, 18 times, the mirror group plus 1.5x 90 times, 27 times.
  • Theory Resolution: 2.000 arcseconds
  • Active Aperture: 50 mm (2.4 “)
  • Focal Length: 360 mm.f / 7
  • Oblique mirror: 90°
  • Tripod most highly: 34 cm
  • Standard 0.965 inches attachment contains:
  • Eyepiece: SR4mm, H20mm, 3 times Barlow lens
  • Box size: 440mm * 210mm * 100mm
  • This item Maximum magnification: 90 times (lens focal length/eyepiece focal length * several Barlow multiples= maximum magnification ratio )


  • F36050 is a high-power children telescope, with a good observation of the performance of celestial bodies.
  • Affordable, suitable for entry-level astronomy enthusiasts use, configure the two different magnification eyepiece can make you free to observe the different distance and size of the object.
  • The mirror can also be used as a viewing mirror, you can get a completely positive image.
  • As long as you have enough imagination, I believe there will be more interesting and practical use.
  • Excellent workmanship, stable, and reliable performance, with a beautifully printed portable box, is your own choice and gift friends.


Maintenance astronomical telescope

  • The astronomical telescope is a precision instrument, the maintenance of a direct impact on the use of telescope and life. It must be used by hand, hand custody, non-professionals do not easily disassemble and repair.
  • The astronomical telescope optical system has several sets of an objective lens, several sets of the eyepiece, and other optical components, must be done:
  • (1) To ensure that the dome and telescope storage room ventilation dry, clean. Rain as far as possible not to open the objective lens cover, in the south of the moldy season can be two ends of the tube with airtight plastic bag tight, in the tube (away from the lens) placed

(2) All eyepieces, prisms, secondary imaging mirrors, and other small optical parts and accessories. When not in use, please put in a drying oven or drying cylinder with desiccant, and always pay attention to the replacement of new desiccant.

  • (3) Light on the mirror when the dust, with blowing ear ball gently blown, can not use the mouth blowing, so as not to spill on the mirror. Do not touch the optical mirror to touch, leaving fingerprints will often corrode and leave traces. Once the fingerprints as soon as possible to clean, with anhydrous ethanol and ether 50% of the mixed liquid droplets in the clean skim gauze, from the mirror center clockwise or counterclockwise gently to the edge of the mirror wipe, only Wipe in one direction until you wipe it. For aluminum, try not to wipe, so as not to fall off the aluminum film.
  • (4) Portable telescope as far as possible not to fog in the forest side, the water and salt a lot of seaside observation, if forced to observe, then watch as soon as possible after wiping again.


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