Bed Unit Ozone Sterilizer

Bed unit ozone sterilizer adopts high-concentration ozonator and air pump pressurization technology. The high-concentration of ozone is injected into the bedding, mattress, pillow core etc. in the special bedspread in the manner of semi-closed pressure osmosis to achieve the purpose of disinfecting the bed unit.


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* 7 inch color touch screen, microcomputer control, long service life, low light loss and system energy consumption and convenient man-machine interaction.

* With consumable life alarm function.

* Manual/automatic mode is optional, free to set disinfection time.

* Clock display function to accumulate disinfection time, real-time temperature monitoring.

* Special lockers are provided before and after the machine to facilitate users to store items such as ozone output tubes.

* With ozonolysis device, the treated gas can be directly discharged into the air, healthy and pollution-free.

* Equipped with high-power air compressor, so that ozone can completely enter the interior of cotton wool and other items for disinfection.

* Stainless steel ceramic ozonator, high purity ozone, large amount of production, long service life.

Technical Parameters:

Ozone Output5g/h
Ozone Concentration≥1700mg/m3
Power Supply220V, 50Hz
Special FunctionSingle and twin bed mode, Temperature detection, Analytical agent change prompt, Selection of disinfection cycles, Time can be set and scheduled disinfection is available
External Size(L*W*H)320*380*830mm
Package Size(L*W*H)400*460*967mm
Gross Weight35.5Kg


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