UV Sterilization Cabinet

It is suitable for sterilizing high temperature resistant appliances, glass sugar porcelain cups, ceramics, production supplies, currency, non-woven fabric, composite paper, cleaning appliances, tableware, towels, clothes, shoes, packaging materials and other products. The use of three-sided high intensity sterilization, the use of ultraviolet and ozone synergistic sterilization, ozone disinfects areas not exposed to UV rays, kill the surface of the virus or bacteria.


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Technical Parameters:

Typewith ozonewithout ozone
UV Ray Wavelength253.7/184.9nm253.7nm
Sterilization Way2 sides of UV ray+1 side of ozone3 sides of UV ray
Power SupplyStandard: 220V 50/60Hz, optional: 110V 50/60Hz
UV Lamp MaterialQuartz glass
ShelvesStandard 2pc, can be optional
Internal Size(mm)518*523*778
External Size(mm)750*663*1200
Packing Size(mm)875*788*1265
Gross Weight(kg)100

Recommended UV Exposure Time

Microorganism SpeciesExposure DoseExposure Time
Bacterial Propagules≥10000uw.s/cm210min
Bacterial Spores≥100000uw.s/cm210min
Virus10000uw.s/cm2≤Exposure Dose ≤100000uw.s/cm210min
Fungal SporesGeneral Exposure Dose ≤100000uw.s/cm2, Special Exposure Dose 600000uw.s/cm260min
When the target microorganism is unknown≥100000uw.s/cm210min

Remarks: The suitable temperature range for ultraviolet disinfection is 20℃~40℃. If the temperature is too high or too low, the disinfection effect will be affected, and the disinfection time can be appropriately extended.


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