UNI-T UT521 earth resistance tester

  • Certificates: CE, UKCA
  • Manual range
  • Low battery indication
  • Data hold
  • LCD backlight/auto power off
  • Full icon display
  • Double insulation protection
  • Poor contact display: “…Ω”
  • Over-range display: Display “OL”
  • Simple 2-wire testing
  • Precise 3-wire testing

৳ 14,990.00

In an ideal world, all wires and connections are well insulated. In the real world, however, everything wears out and connections are not perfect. To prevent this from causing problems, it is important to regularly test electrical systems for insulation. Earth resistance meters are intended to make measurements on the grounding of electrical systems. Testing earth resistance is essential during construction, but equally important to repeat regularly due to wear and tear and corrosion.

The UT521 is an earth resistance tester. It is essential for various applications to have a good earth connection, for example, to dissipate over-voltages or lightning strikes. Earth testers work with pins that must be inserted into damp ground. In addition, a connecting wire for the measuring object is included for comparison with the earth.

The pins provided are intended to measure the resistance of the soil to see if the soil is suitable for inserting a grounding pin.


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