Trans Digital Professional pH Meter BP3001

Trans BP3001  Professional pH Meter 1 Piece

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Large LCD with Multiple Display
Display of pH, temperature and time simultaneously
Hold Display function
Automatically lock the reading when a stable reading is established.
Multi-point calibration
Automatic buffer recognition with built-in standards:
ISO – pH7.00, 4.01, 10.01
NIST – pH6.68, 4.01, 9.18
Custom – Manual set to any buffer standard.
Up to 5 points calibration

Specifications for BP3001

Range:0 to 14 pH± 1999 mV0 to 90°C
Display Resolution:0.01 pH
0.1-199.9 mV
1-1999 mV
Accuracy :± 0.02 pH
±0.2 mV
±2 mV
± 0.5°C
Calibration:5 point selectable
Operating Voltage:9 to 12V DC, min 650mA
Operating Temperature:5 to 40°C
Storage Temperature:-20 to 60°C
Slope recognition:±60 mV
Meter Size:217 x 168 x58mm
Package Weight:2.1 kg

Standard Accessories: 

1. BP3001 – Main instruments
2. PP5010 – Combination pH electrode with built-in temperature sensor
3. Electrode Stand
4. AC – DC adaptor (Non-Universal. for local powerpoint use only)
5. AX30-232 – RS323 PC communication Kit
6. Operation manual

Operational Accessories:

1. PO5106 – Plastic body combination Platinum ring ORP electrode
2. PT3001 – Temperature probe (Stainless steel)
3. SP0701N – CAL pH7.00 Standard pH buffer solution 90ml
4. SP0401N – CAL pH4.01 Standard pH buffer solution 90ml
5. SP1001N – CAL pH10.01 Standard pH buffer solution 90ml


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