TQ GC-MS Mass Spectrometry (Gas Chromatography), ChroZen TQ GC/MS

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Electron Ionization (EI) as standard
Model.: ChroZen TQ GC/MS
Brand:YOUNG IN Chromass
Country: Korea

ChroZen TQ GC/MS is the right solution to achieve greater insight of the samples with the extremely selective and sensitive data for quantitative and qualitative information and will lead you to the whole new level from the method setup to the data elucidation and instrument maintenance. Its structural characteristics such as 180° curved collision cell and lens-free optics eliminate the interferences of co-eluting compounds and neutrons, minimize the need of maintenance and simplify the method setup to maximize the ease of use.

Major Features of our ChroZen TQ GC/MS

1. 180° Curved Collision Cell
The fast moving ions from the first quadrupole collide with the collision gas and they get dissociated while removing the interference of neutrons in the 180° curved RF-only quadrupole. This reduces the background noise and increases the signal-to-noise ratio, which means it efficiently improves MRM sensitivity in real sample matrice.
2. Active Focusing Ion Guide
The 90° shaped ion guide curves the ions to eliminate neutrons and reduce noise. It’s also heated to 135℃ from the ion source for ions not to get condensed and contaminate the guide. There is a helium gas input to improve ion transmission so it provides a more focused ion stream that enhances the sensitivity.
3. Axial Ion Source
The axial ion source generates ions on-axis from the column and its unique design including inert lenses reduces the contamination by sample matrice for higher sensitivity. It utilizes double filaments with electron-bouncing technology to increase productivity without the instrument downtime for the maintenance.
4. EDR (Extended Dynamic Range) Detection System
Extended Dynamic Range (EDR) automatically adjusts the detector for the best signal-to-noise ratio (s/n) and EM voltage optimizes for every scan.
5. High Capacity of Turbo Pump
The high capacity of dual stage (310 L/s and 400 L/s) turbomolecular pump rapidly stabilizes the vacuum status for higher productivity.


ChroZen Triple Quadrupole GC/MS Specifications
Ionization ModeElectron Ionization (EI) as standard, available with Chemical Ionization (CI)
Ion SourceAuto-aligning ion source constructed of inert materials
q0 Ion Guide90° curved RF-only entrance quadrupole with active ion beam focusing and
heating at 135°C
Source Temperature100 – 350 °C
Filament and Emission CurrentDual filaments; up to 200 μA
Electron EnergyAdjustable from 0 – 150 eV
Mass FiltersQuadrupole with pre- and post-filters; high ion transmission efficiency,
lens-free design
Collision Cell180° curved path with pre- and post-filter regions
Collision EnergySelectable up to 75 eV
Mass Range (m/z)1 – 1,200 Da
Scan RateUp to 30,000 Da/sec
Minimum Dwell Time0.5 msec
Maximum Acquisition MRM Rate1,000 MRMs/sec
ResolutionUser-adjustable from 0.7 – 4 Da
Mass Axis Stability< ± 0.1 Da over 48 hours
Transfer Line TemperatureUp to 350 °C
DetectorEDR™ Electron multiplier with ±5 kV, 107 Dynamic Range
Turbomolecular PumpDual stage, 310 L/sec and 400 L/sec


Mode Test Condition
(with Capillary inlet in hot splitless mode) 
EI Full Scan1 pg OFN from m/z 50 to 300 for m/z 272S/N ≥ 1,000:1
EI SIM1 pg OFN for m/z 272S/N ≥ 2,000:1
EI MRM1 pg OFN for m/z 272>222S/N ≥ 300,000:1
PCI Full Scan10 pg BZP from m/z 80 to 230 for m/z 183S/N ≥ 50:1
PCI MRM1 pg BZP for m/z 183>105S/N ≥ 1,500:1
NCI Full Scan1 pg OFN from m/z 200 to 300 for m/z 272S/N ≥ 4,000:1
NCI SIM1 pg OFN for m/z 272S/N ≥ 40,000:1


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