Tablet Hardness Tester Digital with Built-in Printer, TABTEST-401

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Thickness, Diameter, Hardness
with Built-in Printer
Model.: TABTEST-401
Brand: Pharmag
Country: India

৳ 440,000.00

·        SMD Technology and Compact in size
·        Measures the Thickness, Diameter and Harness of the Tablet
·        Unit of Hardness in Newton (N), Kilopond (Kp), Strong Cobb (Sc)
·        Precise positioning of sample accommodates any shape tablet from 1.5 to 35mm Diameter (length)
·        Upto 99 Test Statistics
·        Rs 232 Interface for connecting with PC
·        Parallel Printer Interface for Dot Matrix Printer
·        Password Protection and Factory Setting Reset
·        Self Diagnosis and Fault Localization
·        3 Point Calibration
·        Illuminated LED Display
·        Calibration and Validation : Simple & Easy Calibration and/or Verification (Validation) with Certified 10mm Gauge Block for Distance Parameter and 10Kg Weight for Hardness Parameter. Distance Validation with 10mm cert. block (thickness and diameter)



Model: TABTEST-401
Parameter:  Thickness, Diameter, Hardness
Range: Thickness: 1.5 – 35 mm
 Diameter: 1.5 – 35 mm
 Hardness: 5 – 500 N
Units of Measurement: Thickness: Millimeters/Inches
   Diameter: Millimeters/Inches
    Hardness: N, Kp, Sc
Accuracy: Thickness: ±0.05 mm
  Diameter: ±0.05 mm
  Hardness: ± 1 N
Standard Accessories: Standard Jaw Plate, Safety Shield Brush, Embedded Software, Allen Key (4mm), Screw Driver, Mains Cord, Tablet Collection Tray, Operating Manual
Optional Accessories:
·        Calibration Ring Weight: 10 Kg BDT = 40,000.00
·        Hook Included
·        IQ/OQ Documentation free of cost
·        Certified Stainless steel Gauze Block 10mm BDT = 8,000.00


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