Tablet Hardness Tester Digital Model: TABTEST-301

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Thickness, Diameter, Hardness
Microprocessor Controlled
Model.: TABTEST-301
Brand: Pharmag
Country: India

৳ 370,000.00

SMD Technology and Compact in size
Measures the Thickness, Diameter and Harness of the Tablet
Unit of Hardness in Newton (N), Kilopond (Kp), Strong Cobb (Sc)
Precise positioning of sample accommodates any shape tablet from 1.5 to 35mm Diameter (length)
Upto 99 Test Statistics
Rs 232 Interface for connecting with PC
Parallel Printer Interface for Dot Matrix Printer
Password Protection and Factory Setting Reset
Self Diagnosis and Fault Localization
3 Point Calibration
Illuminated LED Display
Calibration and Validation : Simple & Easy Calibration and/or Verification (Validation) with Certified 10mm Gauge Block for Distance Parameter and 10Kg Weight for Hardness Parameter. Distance Validation with 10mm cert. block (thickness and diameter)



Model: TABTEST-301
Parameter:  Thickness, Diameter, Hardness
Range: Thickness: 1.5 – 35 mm
 Diameter: 1.5 – 35 mm
 Hardness: 5 – 500 N
Units of Measurement: Thickness: Millimeters/Inches
   Diameter: Millimeters/Inches
    Hardness: N, Kp, Sc
Accuracy: Thickness: ±0.05 mm
  Diameter: ±0.05 mm
  Hardness: ± 1 N
Standard Accessories: Standard Jaw Plate, Safety Shield Brush, Embedded Software, Allen Key (4mm), Screw Driver, Mains Cord, Tablet Collection Tray, Operating Manual
Optional Accessories:
·        Calibration Ring Weight: 10 Kg (Optional on Payment)
·        Hook Included
·        IQ/OQ Documentation BDT = 10,000.00
·        Certified Stainless steel Gauze Block 10mm BDT = 8,000.00


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