Smart Sensor Infrared Thermometer AR530

৳ 1,700.00

AR530 Infrared Thermometer 1 Piece



Smart Sensor AS530 Digital Infraredย Non-Contact Laser Gunย -32ยฐ~550ยฐC(-26~1022F)

The most basic design consists of a lens to focus the infrared (IR) energy on to a detector, which converts the energy to an electrical signal that can be displayed in units of temperature after being compensated for ambient temperature variation.

Specifications of AS530 IR Gun

  • Temperature Range -32โ„ƒ~550โ„ƒ(-26โ„‰~1022โ„‰)
  • Accuracy ยฑ2% or ยฑ2โ„ƒ
  • Distance Spot Ratio 12:1
  • Emissivity 0.95 pre-set
  • Resolution 0.1โ„ƒor 0.1โ„‰(<1000โ„ƒ)
  • Wavelength & Response Time (8-14)um&200ms
  • Repeatability ยฑ1% or ยฑ1โ„ƒ
  • โ„ƒ/โ„‰Selection โˆš
  • Data Hold Function โˆš
  • Laser Target Pointer Selection โˆš
  • Backlight Display Selection โˆš
  • Auto Power Off โˆš
  • Power 2*1.5AAA battery
  • Product Net Weight 150g
  • Product Size 151x107x42mm
  • Packing Style Blister
  • Brand: Smart Sensor
  • Made in China


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