Simple Pendulum for Physics Laboratory

৳ 300.00

Simple Pendulum 1 Set



Simple Pendulum for Physics Laboratory Equipment in Bangladesh.

The simple pendulum is an introductory exercise in experimental Physics. A simple pendulum may be described ideally as a point mass suspended by a massless string from some point about which it is allowed to swing back and forth in place.

Apparatus consists of an Iron N.P. bob of (ยฑ) 1.5 cm dia suspended by a thread. The other end of the thread is tied to the rigid support.

  • Supplied with a metallic base along with Rod, Hanging Thread, & Bracket.
  • Stand Size: 2.5 Feet (Approx.)
  • Bob Material: Pitol/Iron
  • Bob Dia: ยฑ1. 5 Cm (Approx.)
  • Bob Suspension: Hook Provided at the Top
  • Made in Bangladesh


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