Probiotics Everfresh Pro 500 GM, Multi Strain Probiotic 15b CFU/gm

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Everfresh Pro 500 GM – Aqua Probiotics



Probiotics Everfresh Pro 500 GM, Multi-Strain Probiotic 15b CFU/gm. for Shrimp, Fish Culture & Biofloc Technology.

An Extraordinary blend of multi-strain Probiotic synthesized for Biofloc Formation. Quickly Utilizes Nitrogenous Wastes Transforming Them into Digestible Proteins. Promotes High Survival rates even in abrupt and agitative environments. Helps to Increase the number of Favorable Multi-Strain Microbial Community.


  • EVERFRESH-PRO is rich in probiotics, naturally occurring bacteria, nutrients, micro and macro minerals which helps in the growth of floc, phytoplankton, and natural blooms. It creates and maintains high water quality to create an ideal environment for the better growth of aquatic animals.
  • It oxidizes ammonia to form nitrates. Enhances the natural nitrification cycle to convert nitrates into Nitric oxide, Nitrous oxide, and harmless nitrogen.
  • It improves the uptake of nutrients and their retention in the soil.
  • It converts complex compounds into simple forms for easy biodegradation.
  • It is effective in a wide range of salinity (0-50ppt) and pH.
  • Function well in >28 Degree C to 50 Degree C
  • Each Gram of Everfesh Pro Contains Bacillus Subtilis, Bacillus Licheniformis, Bacillus megaterium, Bacillus Pumilis of Total 15 Billion CFU/gm with other Enzymes and Active Ingredients.
  • Based on Indonesian Technology.
  • Put 500gm per 10,000 liters Tank for Speed Flocculation.
  • Fastly Utilizes Nitrogenous Wastes, Organic Sludge, and Synthesizes Bio-Available Protein in Biofloc Systems.
  • Put 400gm once in every 10 days in the Biofloc Systems.
  • For Earthen Ponds Apply 1kg/Acre once in every week.
  • Improves Water Quality, Growth Parameters, Floc Composition for Better Weight gains. Also works in Bottom of the Tank.
  • Several Tanks Noticed Everfresh-Pro Helps in Reduction of Total Vibrio Count and Opportunistic Pathogenic Bacteria.
  • If you are Aiming High Tonnage in Minimum Area, Everfresh-Pro Supports You.


  • Bacillus Subtilis,
  • Bacillus Licheniformis,
  • Bacillus megaterium,
  • Bacillus Pumilis,
  • Enzymes Protease,
  • Amylase,
  • Cellulase,
  • Xylanase,
  • Active Ingredient,
  • Excipients & Stabilizers.
  • POTENCY: (per gm) > 15 billion CFU

Dosage Recommendation

  • 500 GM per 10,000 liters Tank
  • Thereafter once every two weeks depending on the stocking density.


  • For Biofloc Tanks, Apply 500gm, 3-5 days before stocking.
  • And apply 400gm once in every 10 days.
  • For Earthen Ponds, apply 1KG/Acre Per Week.



  • Mix in Sufficient water and apply all over the surface uniformly.


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