PolyLab Separatory Funnel 250ml Plastic

৳ 700.00


PolyLab Plastic Separatory Funnel 250ml

Product: Separating Funnel 

Capacity: 250ml

Material: Polypropylene

Brand: PolyLab

Origin: India   

Separatory Funnel, made of Polypropylene by PolyLab Brand. The funnel has excellent clarity and strength. This pear-shaped, autoclavable separatory funnels has a leakproof threaded Screwcap. This polypropylene stopcock, fitted with a self-lubricating PTFE plug, is push fitted to this stem of the separatory funnels. PolyLab 250ml Separatory Funnel is a best quality polypropylene materials.


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