Persil Color Megaperls Laundry Detergent 1.330 Kg Germany

৳ 2,400.00

Persil Color Megaperls 1.330 Kg Pack


Persil Color Megaperls Laundryย detergent 1.330 Kg Per Pack, Henkel Germany

Highly concentrated, granular laundry detergent Persil Megaperls reduces powder consumption by 2 times.ย Persil Megaperls granules contain the same active substances as in ordinary washing powder, but in a higher concentration, therefore, the consumption of concentrate powder by weight is 2 times less than the consumption of ordinary powder.ย This allows you to wash even at low temperatures while maintaining the natural colors of your belongings.

Product Information:

  • Type of goods: Washing powder in granules.
  • Product weight: 1330g (designed for 18 washes per pack)
  • Country of origin โ€“ Germany.


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