Moisture Analyzer MOC63u Shimadzu

৳ 130,000.00

MOC63u Moisture Analyzer Shimadzu

  • Item: Moisture Analyzer
  • Model: MOC63u
  • Capacity: 60g
  • Readability: 0.001g
  • Brand: SHIMADZU
  • Origin: Japan



The Moisture Analyzer MOC63u

High Performance applicable for a wide application range Easy operation Automatic starting mode- Easy-to-operate software Automatic starting mode saves measurement time. Backlight display minted display provides comfortable display visibility Compact design class. Width is only 202 (mm). Long lifetime halogen heater Halogen heater promises Data management Direct- The measurement conditions and data can standard. Send balance data to Excel or other Windows applications.

Choose the right measuring mode for your application. Ending modes โ€ข Automatic ending mode automatically ends measurement when moisture loss over the previous 30 seconds becomes smaller than specified percentage. โ€ข Timed ending mode automatically ends measurement when the specified amount of time has elapsed. Alternate drying modes โ€ข Rapid drying mode First dries with the highest temperature for the specified period, then shifts to the specified temperature shortening measurement time. โ€ข Slow drying mode gently heats samples that might solidify at the surface or samples that reduce underโ€ฆย more:ย 


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