Lifesonic Dissolved Oxygen (DO) Test Kit for Water Testing (100 Tests)

DO Test Kits 1 Box for 100 Tests

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DO Test KIT – Lifesonic Dissolved Oxygen Test Kit for Water Testing (100 Tests)

  • Best DO Test Kits for Biofloc
  • Brand: Lifesonic
  • Applicability: Anywhere for water testing
  • No. of tests per Kit: 100 Test
  • Reading ability: 0-8 PPM
  • Expiry date : 3 years from the Mfg.
  • Test methodology: Salicylate method (three-bottle system)
  • Things provided in a box: 3 Bottles Reagent
  • Reagent 1: 20ml
  • Reagent 2: 15ml
  • Reagent 3: 20ml
  • Colour matching chart: 1
  • Test Vial: 1 (8 ml capacity)
  • Syringe: 1 (2 ml capacity)Methodology:
  • Made in India

Lower Dissolved Oxygen content in aquarium or fish pond directly leads to the death of your precious aquatic animals. Lifesonic Dissolved Oxygen kit lets you know the dissolved oxygen levels of your aquarium/pond water. Unlike many other oxygen test kits which takes 30 minutes or more for results, Lifesonic Dissolved oxygen kit gives you results within 5 minutes. The Lifesonic Dissolved Oxygen kit can be used to do 100 tests at a very low expense. 


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