Kjeldahl Digestion/Soxhlet Extraction Apparatus 3 Place with Glassware, EAM9203-03

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Max. temperature: 450 °C
Capacity: 500ml x 3
Model.: EAM 9203-03 
Brand: Mtops
Country: Korea

৳ 121,000.00

Category Brand:
● Ideal for the regulating experiment of extraction, back flowing,
and distillation
● Independent and separate control function
● Max. temperature: 450。 C
● Ceramic fiber with strong thermal resistance
● Stainless steel top cover with corrosion-proof

General Specification:

Heating Element Temperature : Up to 450℃ max.
▶ Temp. Controller : Electronic energy regulator
▶ Temp. Display : Scale
▶ Thermal Insulation : Ceramic fiber
▶ Material : Powder coated metal case
▶ Top Surface : Stainless steel
▶ Support Rods : Ø 12.7mm dia.(standard)
▶ Indicator Lamps : Green-“Power on” , Yellow-“Heater on”
▶ Power Supply : 220V or 110V 50/60 Hz

Model Capacity Watts Number of
(height : mm)
EAM 9201-03100ml80W×33450×240×80454.6
EAM 9202-03250ml150W×33520×260×95605.8
EAM 9203-03500ml260W×33580×280×105756.7
EAM 9204-031000ml380W×33670×310×115857.9
EAM 9201-06100ml80W×66950×240×80459.2
EAM 9202-06250ml150W×661040×260×956011.6
EAM 9203-06500ml260W×661150×280×1057513.5
EAM 9204-061000ml380W×661340×310×1158515.8


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