JWI-520 Waterproof Digital Weight Scale 150kg Jadever Taiwanfff

৳ 35,000.00


JWI-520 Waterproof  Weighing scale 1 set



JWI-520 Waterproof Digital Weight Scale 150kg

  • Model: JWI-520
  • Capacity: 150 KG
  • Platform Size: 400*500mm
  • Brand: Jadever
  • Origin: Taiwan 



1.Waterproof indicator & Load cell  with grade up to IP68

2.Bright and red LED display

3.Total Sealed design with Ventilated Ring for Load Cell

4.Waterproof charger

5.Zero/Tare /Weighing/Simple counting/Check weighing functions

6.Auto shut off for power saving

7.lIdeal for applications including high humidity surrounding of food or seafood markets, food processing factories or any other use




Model JWI-520-60 JWI-520-150 JWI-520-300 JWI-520-600
Capacity (kg) 60 150 300 600
Division (g) 10 20 50 50
Platform size (mm) 300*400 400*500 500*600 600*800
Weighing Units Kg, g, lb, oz, pcs
Resolution 3000~15000
RS-232 Interface Optional
RS-485 Interface Optional
Dimension(mm) 254*86*170
Zero range   ±4%
Tare range 100%
Battery 5V/4000mAH lithium battery 

6V/4500mAH lead-acid battery

Power 5V/2A electronic 100~240V/50~60Hz 

9V/1A electronic 100~240V/50~60Hz


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