JBS 0.1mg Laboratory High Precision

JADEVER laboratory high precision balance 1 piece 



– Adopts underneath type electromagnetic force sensor


– All transparent glass draft shield,samples can be seen entirely and clearly

– Standard RS232 communication port -realize the communication with computer, printer or other devices

– Detachable LCD display, protect the balance from shock and vibration when user operates the balance

– High accuracy: 0.1mg

– Basic weighing, counting weighing, percent weighing and other weighing mode

– Optional functions/accessories: below hook weighing device, thermal printer, density kit

– Ideal for applications including scientific research,

education,medical treatment, metallurgy, agriculture or any other use


Model JBS-S 1204 JBS-S 2204 JBS-S 2004C JBS-S 2204C
Max. Capacity(g) 120g 220g 120g 220g
Readability 0.0001g
Repeatability(g) ±0.0002g
Linearity error(g) ±0.0002g
Calibration method External weight calibration Automatic internal calibration
Net weight 3.5kg
Stabilization time 2.5s
Warm-up Time 30-60 minutes
Pan size ∮90mm
Permissible ambient


+10℃ to +30℃
Humidity of Air 20 – 80% Relative (Not condensing)
Power Supply AC230V, 50-60hZ
Interface RS232/RS485
Weighing Mode Basic weighing, counting weighing, percent weighing


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