James Heal Impregnated Test Paper 100mm x 75mm Test Fabrics

৳ 3,200.00

James Heal Impregnated Test Papers 50 Pcs Per Pack


James Heal Impregnated Test Paper, Size: 100 mm x 75 mm Test Fabrics, 50 Pcs per Packet Origin: UK

Phenolic Yellowing – Assess the potential of ‘yellowing’ with James Heal Test Kit

James Heal predictive phenolic yellowing test kit is designed to assess the potential for either white or pastel-colored yarns, fabrics or garments to suffer from ‘yellowing.’ This is often a common occurrence amongst light colored fabrics which can be caused due to both chemical and environmental factors, and fabric ageing.

The James Heal test kit is the original, developed by Courtaulds research. Designed in order to investigate complaints that particularly arise during either transit or storage. Please beware of copies and counterfeit products in the marketplace. These can, not only diminish the accuracy or consistent of results but may also cause health and safety issues. Click for details


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