Ironing Sublimation Color Fastness Tester

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Ironing Sublimation Color Fastness Tester 

Textile Ironing Sublimation Color Fastness Tester ,also as a kind of textile testing equipment, Used for textile ironing and sublimation fastness test

Test standard

GB/T 5718-1997 textile color fastness test Except dry heat resistance (thermal) color fastness

GB/T 6152-1997 textile color fastness test Hot pressing fastness

ISO 105 – P01:105 textile color fastness test  The P01part: resistance to dry heat (thermal) color fastness

ISO 105 – X11:105 textile color fastness test   The X11 part: hot pressing fastness

JIS L0879:2005 the fastness to dry heat

JIS L0850:1994 Colour fastness test to hot pressing method


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