Iron (Fe2+/ Fe3+) Test Kit for Water – 30 Test

Iron (Fe2+/ Fe3+) Test Kit for Water – 30 Test 1Box

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The RMR-2004 is a colorimetric chemical test kit that determines the Iron (Fe2+/ Fe3+)  concentration in water within a 0.0 to 5.00 mg/L (ppm) range. The RMR-2004 is supplied with all of the necessary reagents and equipment to perform the analysis. The test kit contains enough reagents for perform 30 tests.

Features at-a-glance

  • Measures aqueous Iron (Fe2+/ Fe3+) levels quickly.
  • Reads levels from 0.00 ppm to 5.00 ppm. ( RMR-2004)
  • Fast, easy and accurate test results.
  • Includes all equipment required to perform the test.
  • Economical and Conducts 30 tests.

Complete setup 

  • All required materials are included with the test kit, such as the sample tube, sample volume adjusting dropper, color comparison card, and 30 Pillow/Sachet with required chemical composition.

Significance of Use

Groundwater normally contains Iron (Fe2+/ Fe3+). The iron is both essential and pollutant for water, as a result its need to accurate measurement for proper control. In industrial applications, it is highly re-commanded to control. Otherwise there’s have a great chance to spoil the product, process or even the plant itself. Regular Iron (Fe2+/ Fe3+) monitoring is essential.

Product NameIron (Fe2+/ Fe3+) Test Kit for Water
Quote RequiredYes
Resolution0.00 ppm, 1.0 ppm, 2.0 ppm, 3.0 ppm, 4.0 ppm, 5.00 ppm
Number of Tests30
Weight75g ± 5%
Kit IncludedRMR-2004 Kit Box including
1. Pillow Sachet (30 pcs)
2. 1 Beaker (30ml)
3. 1 Cuvette
4. 1 Color comparing card.
5. Instruction Manual
Dimensions102 mm x 73 mm x 95 mm (4”x 2.9” X 3.8″)


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