Hotplate with Magnetic Stirrer Model: MS300HS

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Temp. Range: Max 380℃, Stirring
-peed: 100~1500rpm & 5L Capac.
Model.: MS300HS
Brand: Mtops
Country: Korea

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Various sizes of the top plate and flexible choice
Ceramic coated top plate provides excellent chemical-resistance, thermal-proof, and corrosion-resistance
Reflective, bright white color ceramic plate enhances sample visibility
Heating temperature is controlled by analog temperature controller(Built-in K type sensor)
High-heat conductivity of top plate provides thermal uniformity over the entire heating surface
Electronic feedback control maintains a precise speed
Smooth acceleration of stirring speed ensures no spillage


TypeHot plate & Magnetic Stirrer
TemperatureRangeMax 380℃Max 350℃
ControllerElectronic energy regulator
Heater power350W480W680W1400W
Speed displayScale(rpm)
Capacity(H2O)up to 1Lup to 2Lup to 5Lup to 15L
Speed ControllerFeedback control
Top PlateCeramic coated top plate
DimensionsPlate area(mm)120×120150×150180×180300×300
Electrical supply220V 50/60Hz or 110V 50/60Hz


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