Hookes Low Apparatus SS Made 2 feet

Hooke’s Law Apparatus 1 set

৳ 1,700.00


Hookes Low Apparatus 2 feet

Hooke’s Law Apparatus 24 Inch Stainless Steel Spring with 250gm Slotted Weight Set

  • Product Name:Hooke’s Law Apparatus -Spring Helical – Spring Scale
  • Total Height:24 Inch
  • Spring Size:10 Inch (Normal)
  • Total Weight:45 Kilogram
  • Paddle Size:19cmx14cm (Metal)
  • Scale Size:16 Inch
  • Top Width:13 cm
  • Weight Set:50gm x 5 pcs (250gm)
  • Main Materials:Stainless Steel & Cast Iron
  • Used for Physics Laboratory
  • Made in India & Refitting in Bangladesh.


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