Hashima HN-30 Portable Needle Detector Machine

৳ 34,500.00

Hashima Hand Needle Detector 1 Piece



Hashima HN30 Hand needle detector or metal detector machine for garments /textiles can detect 1.00 ferrous sample card, detects needle 0.8mm steal at 5mm height from the surface, needle detection sound, portable, and needle detection adjustment facility.ย Click for more details


  • Model: HN-30
  • Detection Method: Magnetic Induction
  • Detection Ability: Hi๏ผšฯ†0.8mm steel at 5mm height from detecting surface & Low๏ผšฯ†1.0mm steel at 5mm height from detecting surface
  • Detection Adjustment: 2 Step
  • Detection Area: 25(W)x50(D)mm
  • Alarm Method: Buzzer and LED lamp
  • Power Supply: 1.5V Dry cell batteryร—2(AAA)
  • Dimension: ย 58(W)ร—195(L)ร—50(H)mm
  • Weight: 212 gm
  • Features: โ—ฯ†0.8mm
    This new handy type needle detector can detect ฯ†0.8 mm steel at 5mm height from detecting unit surface.
    โ—Battery save function
    Under stand by, Battery mode is changed to save mode automatically and save battery consumption. When take it by hand, the machine starts automatically. A newly designed detecting circuit is a low electric consumption.
    The weight is only 190g that is more light 10% than the previous model. The newly designed body helps you to grip for a long time without fatigue.
    โ—A largeย size LED lamp
    It is easy to check the detecting result by adapting large size LED lamp.
    โ—Sensitivity select switch
    The new handy type needle detector adopts Hi/Low sensitivity select switch.
  • Made in Japan
  • Warranty: 1 Year


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