Hashima HN-30 Portable Needle Detector Machine

Hashima Hand Needle Detector 1 Piece

৳ 34,500.00

Hashima HN30 Hand needle detector or metal detector machine for garments /textiles can detect 1.00 ferrous sample card, detects needle 0.8mm steal at 5mm height from the surface, needle detection sound, portable, and needle detection adjustment facility. Click for more details


  • Model: HN-30
  • Detection Method: Magnetic Induction
  • Detection Ability: Hi:φ0.8mm steel at 5mm height from detecting surface & Low:φ1.0mm steel at 5mm height from detecting surface
  • Detection Adjustment: 2 Step
  • Detection Area: 25(W)x50(D)mm
  • Alarm Method: Buzzer and LED lamp
  • Power Supply: 1.5V Dry cell battery×2(AAA)
  • Dimension:  58(W)×195(L)×50(H)mm
  • Weight: 212 gm
  • Features: ●φ0.8mm
    This new handy type needle detector can detect φ0.8 mm steel at 5mm height from detecting unit surface.
    Battery save function
    Under stand by, Battery mode is changed to save mode automatically and save battery consumption. When take it by hand, the machine starts automatically. A newly designed detecting circuit is a low electric consumption.
    The weight is only 190g that is more light 10% than the previous model. The newly designed body helps you to grip for a long time without fatigue.
    ●A large size LED lamp
    It is easy to check the detecting result by adapting large size LED lamp.
    Sensitivity select switch
    The new handy type needle detector adopts Hi/Low sensitivity select switch.
  • Made in Japan
  • Warranty: 1 Year


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