H₂O₂ Nebulizer Sterilizer

It is suitable for biosafety laboratories, infection wards, schools, hospitals, food enterprises, scientific research institutes and other places that require regular disinfection of air and hard surfaces.


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1.It can control the spraying of the disinfectant in the form of nano-micron droplets, reduce the condensed liquid, and ensure the penetration and disinfection effect on complicated and difficult-to-reach places.

2.Full-color touch screen, easy and clear operation, high user experience comfort.

3.It can achieve a killing effect of 6 logs of Bacillus subtilis black mutated spores.

4.It is less corrosive, non-toxic, and has a wide range of applications, which can replace traditional space disinfection methods.

5.Flexible to use and easy to operate, small in size and easy to move, suitable for various units that have requirements for microbial limits. It has an automatic calculation function. Just input the size of the room to be disinfected, and the required amount of disinfectant can be automatically calculated.

6.With the function of timing appointment, this product ca n make an appointment in advance. After the timing appointment is made, the equipment can automatically start disinfection.

Technical Parameters

Liquid Capacity4L
Suitable Space100m³
Power Supply220V 50Hz
External Size530*530*760mm
Net Weight48kg
Packing Size640*640*885mm
Gross Weight55kg


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