Floor Magnetic Sweeper, Suja, Singapore

Description of Floor Magnetic Sweeper, Suja, Singapore

The SUJA 18 in. Magnetic Sweeper Pickup Tool quickly and easily collects screws, nails, and other metal objects that may be littered about. It features a telescoping handle that adjusts from 30 in. to 40 in. and is outfitted with easy-rolling rubber wheels that won’t tarnish or damage floors. A quick-release mechanism discards all picked-up items at your discretion for no-fuss disposal.

  • Reliable and convenient for collecting hardware and metal waste scattered on the floor or ground
  • 18 in. W x 3 in. D magnetic working area provides superb collecting capacity
  • Sturdy rubber wheels allow easy rolling while preventing damage to floors
  • Quick-release mechanism discards collected items for easy disposal
  • Ideal for Metal and Needle Detection
  • Warranty: 1 Year Service Warranty
  • Country of Origin: Singapore



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