Flake Ice Maker 60kg/24h BIFL-205 (Laboratory/Commercial) BioLab Canada

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Capacity: 60kg/24H
Bin Capa: 25kg
Model.: BIFL-205
Brand: Biolab
Country: Canada

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Flake Ice Maker 60kg/24h BIFL-205 (Laboratory/Commercial) BioLab Canada

Biolab Ice Flaker Series 200 is compact in size, made of highly durable material with energy efficient features. Increased efficiency gives quick production of ice flakes with ice making capacity from 50 kg/24h up to 130 kg/24h. Self contained storage bin eliminates the need of a separate storage unit.

  • High quality stainless steel construction

  • Fully automatic operation system

  • Fluorine-free foam thermal cover ensures good insulation

  • High speed compact clear flake ice-production

  • Advanced self-checking mode function

  • Power-overloading, water shortage and ice storage full protection

  • Large output and energy efficient

  • Easy to clean storage bin


Biolab Ice Flaker is the best remedy for preserving refrigerated perishables. It is widely used in food industries, biochemical and biological studies, medical laboratories, beverage industries, healthcare and pharmaceutical areas.



Capacity60 kg/24 h
Storage Bin Capacity25 kg
Condenser TypeAir cooled
Overall Dimension400x510x825 mm
Packing Dimension470x590x875 mm
Weight42/46 kg
Power420 W
Power Supply220 V, 60 Hz



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