Fabric Thickness Tester

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Fabric Thickness Tester

  1. Checking raw materials
  2. Monitoring production
  3. Assessing the final product
  4. Investigation of faulty material
  5. Product development and research

Different fabric tests :ย 

  1. Dimensional Characteristics โ€“ย A) Length, B) Width, C) Thickness
  2. Threads/Inch โ€“ย EPI, PPI, CPI, WPI
  3. Count-ย Warp & Weft
  4. Weight
  5. Crimp%,
  6. Strength
  7. Shrinkage
  8. Abrasion & Pilling,
  9. Handleย ย a) Stiffness, b) Drape, c) Crease Resistance & crease recovery,
  10. Flame Retardancy,
  11. Water repellencyย 




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