Fabric elastic fatigue testing machine

Fabric elastic fatigue testing machine

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Fabric elastic fatigue testing machine

Introduction:ย This machine is an instrument and equipment for testing the service life of elastic belts
l Install the elastic band test strip/ring test sample on the elastic band fatigue resistance testing machine, and drive the elastic band to stretch back and forth within the tensile range of its effective elongation through the fatigue resistance testing machine. After a certain number of tests, use the elastic band Whether the test piece is damaged or not is used to evaluate the fatigue resistance of the elastic band in the tensile range of its effective elongation.
Instructions for use:
1. The instrument must be placed on a stable table before use.
2. It is not allowed to mess with the machine during use;
3. Select the corresponding power supply voltage, do not be too high to avoid burning the device;
4. When the instrument is abnormal, please contact us for timely handling;
5. The machine must have a good ventilation environment when working.
6. For each component of the key mechanism, due to the large operating load, please add lubricating oil to the mechanical part in time;




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