Eyewash Station with Emergency Safety Shower

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  • Full SS Eyewash Station
  • Full SS Emergency Safety Shower
  • Easy operation
  • Long-Lasting SS Products
  • 1 Set Eyewash Station with Shower


Pedal Operated SS Eyewash Station with Emergency Safety Shower

  • Type: Pedal Type & Pull Rod
  • Material: 304 stainless steel body materials are divided into.
  • Emergency shower: stainless steel 304 inlet pipe (1-1/4) Stay- open ball valve switch, pull rod (D 8mm), and showerhead.
  • Eyewash: 304 stainless steel inlet pipe, stay-open ball valve switch, and eyewash bow.
  • Eye spray head: 304 stainless steel, Built-in PP filter. Chemical resistant PP/Solid brass, built-in stainless steel filter to remove impurities from water Foot treadle stainless steel available.
  • Parts: shower, eyewash basin, eyewash elbow, Spray head. Accessories list: Showerhead, pull rod, and spray head, eye washbowl, outlet pipe, installation bracket, eyewash valve, and sign. The emergency shower is reached ANSI Z358.1-2004
  1. Showerhead delivers75.7 liters/minute, as the standard hydraulic pressure.
  2. Hands-free stay-open valve activates in one second. 3. The height from the show head to the bracket is 2340mm
  3. Water pattern is 500 mm in diameter at 1520mm above the floor.
  4. Spray head delivers 1.5 liters/minute as the standard hydraulic pressure.
  5. The distance between two spray heads is 180mm.
  6. Hands-free stay-open valve activates in one second.
  7. The height from the spray head to the bracket is 1050mm.
  8. Easy to operate. High strength; solid structure.
  9. Good resistance to oil, anti-acid, anti-alkali, salt solution, and other properties.
  10. Made in China

What & Why Pedal Operated Eyewash Station with Emergency Safety Shower?

According to the demand of Compliance to industrial workers safety from acid, chemical, alkali, etc. You must install Pedal Operated Eye Wash Station with Shower to wash face for remove acid, chemical & alkali from our face. Many others factory already installed Eye Wash Station by purchasing from us. Mainly, Eye Wash Station is widely used in Textile, Garments, Food & Beverage, Leather Processing, Pharmaceuticals, etc., and was using acid, chemical & alkali.


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