DZF-6090 Lab Vacuum Oven

DZF Vacuum drying ovenfor material heating drying under vacuum states has advantages :
1 Can reduce the drying temperature

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1 The DZF-6090Vacuum OvenIs mainly used For scientific research units, specialty universities, laboratories, industrial mining enterprises etc and production field for materials drying and heat treatment under the vacuum state.

2 Use Vacuum drying oven for material heating drying under vacuum states has advantages :

2.1 Can reduce the drying temperature

2.2 Avoid some objects heating to oxidation

2.3 Avoid heating air to kill living cells

2.4 No dust damage


ModelTOB-DZF-6090Vacuum Oven
Source voltage220V 50HZ
WarrantyOne Year Limited Manufacture Warranty with Life Time Support
Temperature rangeRT+10~250℃
Temperature control accuracy0.1℃
Temperature fluctuation±0.5℃
Operating ambient temperature+5~40℃
Vacuum degree-0.1Mpa(≤133Pa)
Vacuum displayPointer type medical vacuum meter




Heating modeThe external radiation heating. The electric heating pipe is located in the inner lateral walls, close to the liner


1 High precision microcomputer temperature controller, accurate temperature control

2 Working temperature can be set and working time can be set.

3 When time reach, sound alarm, and when any error, also alarm. function

Inner box material304 stainless steel
Outside shell materialHigh quality cold-rolled steel plate electrostatic spray
Box doorToughened bulletproof double glass door
Safety deviceWith over temperature protection, grounding etc
Vacuum pump2XZ-2 rotary vane vacuum pump (suction: 2 L / sec), vacuum pump is located in the box body
Packing Size770*690*1800mm
Packing Weight210KG




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