DragonLab Adjustable Single Channel Micropipette

৳ 1,750.00

  • Manual Adjustable Micropipette
  • 1 Pcs DragonLab Pipette Per Box


Single Channel Pipette Manual Adjustable Micropipette TopPette Pipettor, Pipet For Laboratory Use, Transferpettor

Dragon Introduced Full Autoclavable Pipette

Dragon has launched its newly third-generation Pipette – MicroPette Plus Autoclavable Pipette, which realizes fully disinfection and withstands 121 ℃ high temperature and pressure steam for 20 minutes. MicroPette Plus with a wide range from 0.1ul to 5000ul. Dragon Lab provides a high-quality and cost-effective pipette series.

DragonLab liquid handling range includes semi & fully autoclavable mechanical Pipettes cover fixed and adjustable volume models, Pipette Filler, Pipette Controller, Stepper and Bottle-top Dispenser. Dragon Laboratory Instruments Limited.

Available Rnage of Our Micropipette:

  1. Micro-pipette 5-50uL
  2. Micro-pipette 10-100uL
  3. Micro-pipette 20-200uL
  4. Micro-pipette 100-1000uL


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