Digital Thermometer China Different Color

৳ 185.00

Digital Thermometer 1 Piece โ€“ Color Depend on Availability


Electronic Body Health Digital Thermometer Different Color, Made in China

  • Electronic Thermometer is easy to read โ€“ LCD display and beeping sound lets you know that measurement is completed.
  • Convenient โ€“ serve the entire family, keep the whole family healthy.
  • Safe โ€“ unbreakable and automatic shut-off.
  • Fast โ€“ 1-minute readout and measure body temperature.
  • Accurate โ€“ dependable accuracy +/- 0.1 centigrade, +/-0.2 Fahrenheit.
  • Applicable body position โ€“ digital thermometer can be used orally, rectally, and under the armpit.
  • Temperature rang โ€“ 32 ~ 42 centigrade, 90 ~ 108 Fahrenheit.
  • Memory function โ€“ Electronic Digital Thermometer can store the whole familyโ€™s temperature data.
  • Body thermometer powered by 1AG3 button cell.


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