Digital Portable Autoclave 18L DSX-280B(18L) Taisite USA

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Working Pressure: 0.142Mpa
Working Temp: 105-126°C
Brand: Taisite
Country: USA

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Digital Portable Autoclave 18L DSX-280B(18L) Taisite USA, Manufacture in China & Country of Origin USA


  • The sterilizer is fast opening type, equipped with a safety interlocking device..

  • Adopts digital display temperature of sterilization and sterilization time. Temperature setting range: 50-126Celsius degree; Highest working pressure: 0.142Mpa; Time setting range: 0-99hours.

  • An ideal product for sterilizing equipment, materials, culture media and other items in college lab, chemical industry, biological research..

  • Control system of sterilizer is controlled by microcomputer, with the function of water level, time, temperature control and water shutoff, over-temperature alarm and automatic power-off, the low water level has double protection..

  • Has warning, caution and prompt tag at the eye-catching position to inform the operator of the importance of mastering the operation essentials and complying with the safety notes..


Model: DSX-280B
Configuration: Automatic control
Material/ Thickness: Stainless steel/ 2.0
Volume/GW: 18L/12kg
Voltage: 110V or 220V (optional)
Power: 2kw
Packing size(L*W*H)mm:405*405*615
Sterilization chamber volume(diameter*height)mm: 280*395
Time setting range: 0-99h
Working pressure: 0.142Mpa
Working temperature: 50~126℃


a, Electric heating type g Digital display of working state
b, Shifting open cover structure
c, Temperature setting range: 50-126Celsius degree
d, Highest working pressure: 0.142Mpa
e, Time setting range: 0-99hours
f, Working temperature:126Celsius degree
g, Water-off protection device
h, Double graduation reading pressure gauge
i, Auto discharging cold air
j, Pressure linkage cover device
K,Self-inflated sealing


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