Digisyestem 12 HOLE TABLETOP CENTRIFUGE Machine DSC-300D AR-1512

৳ 24,500.00

  • 12 Hole Centrifuge Machine
  • Speed: 200~3000rpm
  • Model: DSC-300D
  • Brand Digisyestem
  • Made in Taiwan


Table Top Centrifuge DSC-300D is the digital type that can set speed and time easily, and the LED display can show the R.C.F or RPM value. The maximum speed of the Table Top Centrifuge Machine is 3400rpm.

  • Table Top centrifuge can save working desk space.
  • ABS outer shell can resist collision.
  • It could accommodate 7ml, 10ml, and 15ml centrifuge tubes without changing the rotor. (7ml tube adapters are optional accessory)
  • With a safety switch, when the lid is lifted during operation, the rotor will stop spinning.
  • This is a digital type which can set speed and time easily. The LED display can show the R.C.F. or RPM value.
  • With an automatic brake system, the unit can be stopped rapidly.
  • Auto-balancing systems can offer quiet and stable operations.
  • Quality certification: ISO 9001, ISO 13485.



  • Model: DSC-300D
  • Order number: DSC-1512D
  • Speed: 200~3400rpm
  • Display: Digital display for time and speed value (or R.C.F. value)
  • Timer: 0~30 min. digital timer
  • Motor: Brushless DC
  • Rotor: AR-1512
  • Rotor Type: 45∘angle
  • Max. R.C.F.: 1,680g; 1,680g; 1,667g
  • Capacity: 12x(1.5~15)ml ; 24x(1.5~15)ml; 6x50ml
  • Standard accessory: (10~15)ml tube adapter
  • Optional accessory: (5~7)ml or (1.5~2.0)ml tube adapter
  • Weight (kg): N.W. 5.4 / G.W. 6.4
  • Overall dimension: W300xD300xH265mm
  • Power supply: AC 100~240V 50/60Hz
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